Storms and heavy rain forecast amid calls for rural areas to get more flooding help

 Flash floods and thunderstorms are expected to hit parts of the UK in the next few days as flood charities called for more help for vulnerable rural areas.   The Bureau of Meteorology has issued an amber thunderstorm warning for areas of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. Homes and businesses can be flooded, causing power outages and traffic disruptions.   A yellow alert is in effect for much of the UK on Tuesday and  southern England on Wednesday.    National Flood Forum Director Heather Shepherd called on the government to provide additional assistance to rural areas previously affected by floods.   Shepard said on his BBC Today programme: We tend to relax too much when we're not in the news headlines, but we  also  need a few important things. There are people in rural areas who do not have access to funds despite several floods.   "We all have a responsibility to help."   After weeks of low rainfall and mild weather caused drought in parts of the UK, drying out the entire